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AzaadHealth is an online HIPAA compliant platform which allows healthcare providers and patients to share medical information. Its a complete health information management and data analytics tool for the entire family.

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The need, the pain and the journey

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As more people become comfortable with monitoring their health online or via a mobile app, the need for innovation in the healthcare industry is becoming inevitable. A recent survey done by GFK revealed that 33% of overall worldwide population track and monitor their health online. This demonstrates the attraction health monitoring has for wider audience. But for the longest time, most of the population has been unable to access their health information from healthcare providers like hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories. Access to healthcare data is imperative to understanding individual health leading to population level assessment, and also major health determinants within the population.

At AzaadLabs, we believe it’s high time to solve this problem and break open these data silos. With our product AzaadHealth we aim to disrupt the healthcare industry by fetching and aggregating individual’s health information from hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and wearable fitness devices. This will let people view and monitor their and their loved one’s complete health at one place. Users can also securely share their health profile with other hospitals and doctors.

Why do we need it?

The need to have access to complete health information becomes crucial specially in critical conditions. In cases of emergencies, AzaadHealth will provide secure and instant access to patient health information including medical records and fitness data to the hospital.

In this age of big data, getting health information to hospitals and patients is not enough. The information must also help people in better understanding their health. AzaadHealth’s analytics engine takes care of this by employing machine learning and predictive analysis which provide in-depth health insights to hospitals and individuals.

Our Personal Pain

Conceived earlier this year, AzaadHealth was born out of the sheer pain of losing our co-founder’s brother to liver cancer and the short comings of current healthcare. In our team, we had all felt the pain of losing a loved one to the healthcare system so we promised ourselves we would do everything in our capacity to solve this critical problem. The product itself is named after our co-founder's brother and is a tribute to his memory. Azaad means "to be free" which is exactly what we are doing for your health information, freeing it from the maze of conventiional healthcare so that no family has to suffer like ours did.

The journey so far

AzaadHealth is now incubated at NEST IO, a tech incubator managed by PASHA and funded by Google, Samsung and US consulate. We also became a registered vendor partner for Australian Digital Health Agency which allows us to collaborate with Australian government in promoting mobile health. Currently, we are focusing on app development, security and integration with Australian My Health Record system. We plan to release AzaadHealth for Australia and US by the end of December, 2016.

We have realized that getting each provider on-board is extremely resource extensive, so we looked for platforms which provided data access to multiple providers with one integration. BloomAPI is a great example which we are working with to bring AzaadHealth to 320+ hospitals in US.


We realize this is an immense undertaking and it’s going to take a long time to accomplish but we are driven and we are persistent. Our vision for AzaadHeath is to make it the de-facto platform for all your health information just like Linkedin is the de-facto for professional information and Facebook is for social.

Hospitals & Patients Data Exchange

AzaadHealth incorporates FHIR and HL7 frameworks, making it compatible with almost every healthcare system. This creates a network of healthcare providers where data transfer is secure and seemless.

One place for Health Data and Insights

In addition to medical records, we also fetch patient's fitness data from wearable devices. AzaadHealth also provides health analytics to doctors and patients alike, giving them in depth view of patient's well-being.

Emergency Records Transfer

Having complete knowledge about patients' health is crucial to save lives in critical situations. We ensure that Patient's health history instantly gets transferred to hospital in case of an emergency.

Complete HIPAA Compliance

Built by Certified HIPAA Security Officers.
AzaadHealth uses Military Grade Encryption to protect your health information against hackers. Our advance audit logging alert system keeps your medical records safe and always available to you.


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