All your health information.

AzaadHealth is an online HIPAA complaint platform which allows healthcare providers and patients to share medical information.

Saves doctors and hospitals precious time
Provides secure and instant access to health information
Eliminates multiple redundant test and appointments
Hospitals & Patients Data Exchange

AzaadHealth incorporates FHIR and HL7 frameworks, making it compatible with almost every healthcare system.

This creates a network of healthcare providers where data transfer is secure and seemless.

One place for Health Data and Insights

In addition to medical records, we also fetch patient's fitness data from wearable devices.

AzaadHealth also provides health analytics to doctors and patients alike, giving them in depth view of patient's well-being.

Emergency Records Transfer

Having complete knowledge about patients' health is crucial to save lives in critical situations.

We ensure that Patient's health history instantly gets transferred to hospital in case of an emergency.

Global Healthcare Network

AzaadHealth is a bridge connecting disparate healthcare systems across the world.

We ensure conformity with different operating standards and allow health data adaptabilty between healthcare services and patients.

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